Supports for Foreign Companies

Access to Tokyo

Tokyo Metropolitan Government has established overseas consultation desks called “Access to Tokyo” in London, Paris, San Francisco and Singapore. Through various routes such as governments, industrial groups, and investors, these desks will gather information on promising companies with innovative technologies such as IoT and AI, and quickly advance negotiations to attract them to Tokyo.

Outline of Activities

  1. Handles inquiries on Japanese market entry and market information, providing immediate responses in the local language and time.
  2. Representatives will visit foreign companies and provide program information, and attend exhibitions and trade shows to identify promising companies.
  3. Introduces Tokyo’s program to “hub organizations” (the country’s government agencies, industrial associations and investors, etc.), so the program can be introduced to a large number of companies (association members, etc.) all at once.

Address and Contact


All offices open from Monday to Friday (except on national holidays), 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. local time (with one hour break)
Please feel free to contact us at any of our offices, regardless of your location.


30 Fenchurch Street London, United Kingdom, EC3M 3BD

+44 7776 178934


118, avenue de France, Paris, France, 75636 Cedex 13

+33 6 0875 0759

San Francisco

415 Mission St. San Francisco, CA 94105

+1 415 713 3967


Raffles City Tower, 250 North Bridge Rd #33-00, Singapore 179101, Singapore

+65 89515598

Fam Trip for Access to Tokyo

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) has been conducting promotional tours to Tokyo, known as ‘Familiarization Trips’, since 2018. These trips aim to promote Tokyo’s innovation ecosystem by inviting four of the world's leading influencers in the tech & FinTech industries to come and explore (well-connected individuals involved in hub organizations and start-up communities abroad). In order to ensure a geographic balance, we select one influencer from each of our ”Access to Tokyo” office (London, Paris, Singapore, and San Francisco).

The purpose of the Familiarization Trip is to raise awareness of Tokyo’s attractive business environment, and to promote the TMG’s initiatives to attract foreign companies by having the influencers post about their experience on social media.

 In addition, the influencers are certified by the TMG as ‘Invest Tokyo Ambassador’, who continues to share news advertising the attractiveness of Tokyo across the world.


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