Supports for Foreign Companies

Green Finance Subsidy Program for Tokyo Market Entry

Program Overview

This program provides Entry support program and grants subsidy to overseas financial corporations* that engage in green finance to support their expansion in Tokyo.
*Corporations engaged in asset management businesses or FinTech businesses, established based on foreign laws.

Program Overview

Application Details

May 13 - July 8, 23:59 (Japan Time)
  • An overseas financial corporation that has not established a base in Japan prior to this application.
  • Asset management business operators or FinTech companies involved in green finance.
  • A company that has not received "Overseas Financial Corporation Business Establishment Subsidy Program" or "Subsidy to Support Base of Operations of Overseas Financial Corporations" prior to this subsidy.

Please refer to the following documents for details.

Merit of Entry

Merit of Entry
Merit of Entry

Appeal of Japan & Tokyo

Appeal of Japan
  • Japan has about 1,900 trillion JPY in domestic personal financial assets, which can be regarded as having a potential supply of funds to growth sectors and the large business opportunities for asset managers.
  • As the world's third largest economy in regard to the size of GDP (5.1 trillion USD), Japan has a wide variety of industries and projects to invest in.
Appeal of Tokyo
  • Tokyo is ranked third in the Global Power City Index, which attracts people and companies from around the world.
  • Tokyo also has the following features that attracts many people and business.
    • Political and economic environment including political stability and the rule of law.
    • Safe living environment.
    • Culture including rich nature and food.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government's actions for Green Finance

Accelerate the development of
Tokyo’s green finance market
  • Take measures to reduce the burden of external reviews, etc., that are required when issuing green bonds.
Attract market players and
support business development
  • Attract foreign companies working on greenfinance, and support business development.
Share information and
nurture ESG expertise
  • Improve business and living environments in Tokyo to attract highly-skilled international finance human resources; and implement human resources development programs together with universities.

FY 2021 Selected Companies

Connecting Good (New Zealand)

Connecting Good photo
  • Business Overview:Climate FinTech Company Cogo offers Japanese Banks and Payment Platforms the ability to empower their customers with carbon tracking solutions that calculate an individual or business carbon footprint and help them to take action to reduce their impact.
  • Website:
  • Cogo was extremely excited by the opportunity to apply for the TMG Green Finance Subsidy and overjoyed to be selected. We have always planned to empower the great people and businesses of Tokyo to be able to understand, reduce and offset their carbon emissions. Japan has a significant population and a large economy creating an ideal country for climate action solutions like Cogo's. This subsidy provides Cogo with a significant opportunity to bring our solutions to Tokyo sooner than planned. The whole TMG team has been an amazing support to Cogo throughout the whole process, including introducing us to the right people to assist with setting up a subsidiary, an office, and a lawyer for employee contracts. We cannot wait to start creating an impact in Tokyo with our Climate Action solutions. - Global CEO & Founder: Ben Gleisner

Doconomy (Sweden)

Doconomy photo
  • Business Overview:Doconomy is a Swedish impact-tech investing in new measures to tackle climate change. We want to raise global awareness, spread knowledge, and bring evidence of what utilizing the power of banking, leading climate expertise, and global payment technology at scale can achieve. Together, we can bring about structural change by rewiring the financial system. It is our genuine belief that becoming conscious of the impact of our consumption can build a foundation for new ways of thinking.
  • Website:
  • We are honored to be selected for this program. We chose Tokyo to engage with ambitious Japanese banks and brands to enable mindful consumption and strengthen Tokyo as an international green financial hub. When establishing a subsidiary in Tokyo, the TMG has been very supportive by introducing us to appropriate experts, and organizations. Without the TMG’s help, we could not have established our subsidiary in such a short period. Now, we are very excited to accelerate our business in Tokyo. “The ambitious Japanese market with a high level of design integrity and accelerating climate interest has been an inspiration to Doconomy,” - Doconomy CEO:Mathias Wikström

Maximuslife(United States)

Maximuslife photo
  • Business Overview:MaximusLife is a cloud-based SaaS fintech platform empowering companies to build purpose-driven experiences and culture around the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, CO2 reduction and other ESG pillars.
  • Website:
  • We are very excited about Japan’s focus on SDGs and ESG Technology providing MaximusLife the opportunity to help companies lead world-changing impact. Tokyo is one of the world’s largest economic epicenters and the perfect place for innovation to grow and take hold quickly. We are very thankful to have received unparalleled support from the TMG connecting our team to amazing resources including experts in Tokyo. We cannot wait to make an impact on Tokyo! – Partner: Brady Bruner


RepRisk photo
  • Business Overview: World's largest database of ESG and behavioral risks, real data, analytical data and reports for all type of players such as banks, asset managers, PE Funds, pension funds etc., interested in addressing their ESG Risk exposure, ESG compliant driven portfolios and investment decisions.
  • Website:
  • We are honored to be selected for this program. After we decided to establish our entity, TMG offered access to local experts and service providers for registering our company, opening our bank account, and hiring our first local employees. Tokyo has positioned itself as a leading player in terms of Green Finance internationally, we have been experiencing a growing demand for our services from all type of players such as banks, asset managers etc., interested in addressing their ESG Risk exposure, ESG compliant driven portfolios and investment decisions. We are very excited to bring our mission of driving positive change via the power of data to Tokyo and the world. - CEO:Dr Philipp Aeby

RIMM Sustainability(Singapore)

RIMM Sustainability photo
  • Business Overview:A SaaS based service focused on highly accessible and impactful sustainability management, reporting and optimization, mainly for SMEs and startups. It is aligned to globally recognized sustainability standards and disclosures to assist green financing or supply chain management for financial institutions and corporations.
  • Website:
  • RIMM aims to become the go-to sustainability platform for all the companies and organizations across the world. Tokyo is unique market that holds over 440,000 SMEs, highest in Japan, with high awareness on the SDGs/ESG field. We thank the Tokyo Government for providing linkage with ESG experts and for support to our PR strategy and join hands to achieve our goals. - CEO:Ravi Chidambaram


SESAMm photo
  • Business Overview:Innovative company specializing in alternative data and artificial intelligence providing ESG scores, analytics, and indicators to private companies, funds, banks, private equity and asset management firms from around the world.
  • Website:
  • SESAMm is honored to have been selected in the Green Finance Subsidy Program, a unique opportunity to promote green finance and expand in Tokyo. When SESAMm started exploring its expansion into the APAC region, Tokyo was an obvious choice as it has one of the most sophisticated financial systems in the region and a keen focus on green finance. The TMG supported us by providing detailed answers to our inquiries on application procedures for the Green Finance Subsidy Program after we were selected and providing introductions to the appropriate experts. We are excited to expand our business in Tokyo. - CEO: Sylvain Forté

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