Supports for Foreign Companies


“Unleash Tokyo” is a project that aims to unleash the true attractiveness of Tokyo as a business city, by bringing together Japanese companies, overseas companies, and influencers with deep understanding of Tokyo. The Unleash Tokyo logo symbolizes Tokyo unleashing and reconstructing its many attractiveness, dynamically evolving its business environment without being bound by common sense.


Video series

Short talks introducing the true attractiveness of Tokyo from a variety of angles.


Article series

With “Unleash Tokyo” as their theme, the article series focus on various perspectives.

Online Event


To attract foreign firms even further, we are inviting internationally-active Japanese companies, international companies, and influencers who are well-acquainted with Tokyo from inside and outside of Japan, and holding a large-scale online event called “UNLEASH TOKYO” to convey the attractiveness of Tokyo.

Through presentations and panel discussions by foreign companies that have succeeded in Tokyo, Japanese companies that actively collaborate with foreign companies, venture capital firms that invest in and support start-ups, and various guests will discuss the allure of Tokyo- not merely its market size, but also its business-related advantages, as well as its creativity and diversity.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to experience the true attractiveness of Tokyo!

Event Dates & Times, Paticipation fee and Languages

Event Dates & Times:
  • March 9th (Tue.) 14:00-(JST)
  • March 10th (Wed.) 14:00-(JST)
  • March 11th (Thu.) 14:00-(JST)
Each event will be about 2 hours long
Participation fee
  • Free
  • English *Some portions may be broadcast in Japanese with English subtitles

How to join

The event will be available on Invest Tokyo's official YouTube channel.
Please subscribe to our channel in advance.

Key Programs (tentative)


Day 1(March 9th) :
Convey to foreign companies the appeal of expanding into Tokyo

  1. Message from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (Hisaaki Terasaki, General Manager, Office for Strategic Policy and ICT Promotion, Tokyo Metropolitan Government)
  2. Keynote speech on the secrets for foreign companies to grow their business in Tokyo and the future market environment
  3. Dialogue on the appeal of the food culture of the city of Tokyo


Day 2 (March 10th) :
Inform foreign companies about businesses that are currently in demand in Tokyo

  1. Keynote speech on Tokyo as a city with advanced social issues and innovation
  2. Roundtable discussion on overseas startups' business development in Tokyo
  3. Roundtable discussion on startup investment by major Japanese financial institutions


Day 3 (March 11th) :
Help participants visualize concrete business development in Tokyo

  1. Presentation on start-up investments made by major Japanese companies and their results
  2. Roundtable discussion on the theme of diversity in Tokyo
  3. Presentation on synergies between overseas startups and major corporations / financial institutions and the secrets to their success

Key Presenters

See details here
The agenda will be published at a later date