Invest Tokyo 2024 for India

Friday, 9th February 2024
4:00pm - 5:00pm (India Time)

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) is pleased to announce “Invest Tokyo 2024 for India”, an on-line event for Indian startups.
The event is part of the TMG SusHi Tech initiatives to attract global innovators to Tokyo and leverage new technology, ideas and know-how to find sustainable solutions to the world’s urban challenges.
Together with innovators in India’s thriving startup ecosystem, Invest Tokyo 2024 for India will outline the excellent growth opportunities in the Tokyo market and the wealth of business support available for young ventures.
Part of the TMG’s mission to make Tokyo the “leading city of choice” for startups, this event is just one effort in promoting initiatives to attract overseas start-ups, which will revitalize the economy and improve the lives of residents.


Invest Tokyo 2024 for India

Date / Time
Friday, 9th February 2024,
4:00pm - 5:00pm (India Time)
* Friday, 9th February 2024, 7:30pm - 8:30pm (Japan Time)
On-line only
Target Audience
Companies interested in expanding into Tokyo, etc.


Overview Speakers
Video Message KOIKE Yuriko
Governor of Tokyo
Presentation from
Japanese enterprises & Venture capital
“Innovation creation by Japanese companies and Indian startups”
【Presenting companies】
Beyond Next Ventures
Toshiba Corporation
Presentation from
Indian Enterprises
“Initiatives of Indian companies in Japan and Tokyo”
【Presenting companies】
VVDN Technologies Pvt Ltd
Living Environment in Tokyo “Education and living environment in Japan”
Country Director Sumit Mishra
Global Schools Foundation, Japan
Introducing JETRO’s initiatives “JETRO’s support for international business collaboration and expansion into the Japanese market”
MIZUTANI Toshihiro
Director General, JETRO Bengaluru
Introducing TMG’s measures “Tokyo: Your next business destination”
Senior Director, Office for Startup and Global Financial
City Strategy, TMG

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