Special Zone Materials

Objectives and Overview of the Program

In November 2017, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) formulated the “Global Financial City: Tokyo” Vision with the aim of making Tokyo an unrivalled global financial center. The policy outlines the form that this city should take, concrete measures to be taken, and the structures needed to make the vision into a reality. TMG will work together with the national government, private sector, and other bodies in carrying out initiatives to revitalize the city’s financial sector.

Since FY2017, the “Accelerator Program – FinTech Business Camp Tokyo” (hereinafter referred to as “the program”) has been held by TMG with the goal of inviting foreign startups with cutting-edge technologies and business models to come to Tokyo and deepen their knowledge of both Japan’s unique market and the various needs of companies in the capital city. Further, by providing Tokyo companies the opportunity to familiarize themselves with technologies possessed by foreign companies, the program aims to cultivate business matching and attract foreign companies to Tokyo.

Last year, applications were received from 52 companies across 16 countries. Through a rigorous review process, a total of 8 companies were selected for the program. This year, TMG will take its next step as an unrivalled global financial city by continuing to spur participation by first-rate foreign companies.

Program Flow

Program Details

  • Introductory Seminar
    • Specialists from various industries give explanations on the structure of Japanese industries, market trends, and more.
  • Mentoring, Business Meetings, Business Matching
    • Foreign companies brush up their business plans with Japanese companies operating their business in Tokyo ('mentor companies').
    • The Camp Office assists in matching and arranging meetings.
    • Business matching opportunities with leading Tokyo companies are provided to each participating foreign company.
  • Networking Events
    • Networking events to facilitate business matching and help foreign companies and mentor companies, Tokyo companies, Tokyo investors, foreign embassies and chambers of commerce based in Japan, etc., to better understand one another.
  • Compilation of Business
    • Foreign companies create/update their business plan for establishing a site or expanding their business into Tokyo.
    • Experts also provide business plan support, taking into account Japan’s market environment and other factors.
  • Pitch Event
    • Foreign companies present their business plan at pitch event.
    • Attendees will be from the general public (both companies and individuals).
    • Golden opportunity for foreign companies to promote their business plans!
  • Follow-up
    • The Camp Office provides support until the end of March 2019, with the Business Development Center Tokyo* taking over from April 2019 for those companies moving forward with their Tokyo business expansion plans.

*Business Development Center Tokyo

  • Tokyo’s one-stop support center for foreign companies. It provides a range of business and lifestyle support.
  • Provides information and advice on Japan’s regulations, etc.
  • Support in establishing a new site (information on corporate registration, etc.)
  • Introduction to relevant organizations, etc., according to needs
  • Assistance in finding local partners
  • Provides information on living in Tokyo (English-speaking hospitals and schools, etc.)

Information on Subsidy Programs

【Overseas Financial Corporation Business Establishment Subsidy Program】

Grants a subsidy to foreign FinTech companies for site establishment expenses (consultation fees paid to lawyers and other experts, personnel recruitment costs). Subsidy rate: 1/2 of expenses (max. JPY 7.5 million)

Program Location

*The details of mentoring and business meetings will be finalized by the discussion with Japanese companies.

  • Chiyoda Ward(area around Tokyo Station)

    HQs of many major banks, insurance firms, securities companies, asset management companies

    Organizations to support foreign startups
    Business Development Center TOKYO (BDCT)
    Financial One Stop Support Service
    Other Organizations
    JGlobal Business Hub Tokyo, FINE Tokyo, Finolab, etc.
  • Minato Ward

    The venue of networking events and the pitch event

    Organizations to support foreign startups
    Tokyo One-Stop Business Establishment Center (TOSBEC)

Target Foreign Companies and Number of Companies to be Selected

-The program looks for foreign companies with advanced technologies (e.g. AI, IoT, blockchain, VR/AR, robotics) that promotes digitalization in the financial industry, and which have not yet established a Japanese corporate entity. Around 10 companies will be selected.

Advantages of Participating in the Program

  1. Opportunities to meet with leading Tokyo companies
  2. Increase in potential business opportunities with around 100 Tokyo companies from all industries attending the pitch event and two networking events.
  3. Support provided by TMG for PR activities in Japan (TMG will designate the types of media to be used and when promotions will take place).
  4. Free office space provided at sites such as Accenture Innovation Hub for the duration of the program.
  5. Support with translation and interpretation, meeting arrangements, appointment scheduling, meeting facilitation, and more provided by the Camp Office for the duration of the program.

FY2018 Participants (Alphabetical Order)

  • Boseman
  • Fedo Health
    Technologies Pvt Ltd
  • Graphen
  • LALA World Pte Ltd
    LALA World Pte Ltd
  • NoPassword
  • Pikcio AG
    Pikcio AG
  • SESAMm
    SQREEM Technologies
  • ToneTag
  • Waagu, Inc.
    Waagu, Inc.

List of Participating Japanese Companies (Alphabetical Order)

  • Daiwa Securities GroupInc.
  • Japan Post Co., Ltd.
  • Japan PostInsurance Co.,Ltd.
  • JTB Corp.
  • Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc.
  • Mitsui Sumitomo AioiLife InsuranceCompany, Limited
  • Mitsui SumitomoInsurance Company,Limited
  • Mitsui SumitomoPrimary Life InsuranceCo., Ltd.
  • Mizuho FinancialGroup, Inc.
  • Nomura Holdings, Inc.
  • NTT DATA Corporation
  • Rakuten Bank, Ltd.
  • Rakuten Securities, Inc.
  • Shinkin Central Bank
  • Sony Corporation
  • Sony Financial Holdings Inc.
  • Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group, Inc.
  • The Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company, Limited

List of Supporters (Alphabetical Order)

Within the program, “supporters” are business coaches who will provide business expansion support to program participants. For the duration of the program, supporters will provide advice on business customs and business strategies for the Japanese market, as well as legal restrictions, corporate registration, and other legal matters across the board.

  • Peter Haslebacher

    ピーター・ハッスルバッカー Shift Technology,COO APAC

    • Insurance Industry in APAC
    • Business Development and
       Going to Market strategies
       in the InsurTech space
    • Business process optimization
       for insurance carriers.
    • Strong network in the insurance
       space in APAC and Japan.
    • Successful participation in
       the Business Camp Tokyo
       2017 for Shift Technology.
  • Mikito Hirata

    平田 幹人 NEC Corporation
    Executive Specialist, Corporate
    Technology Division

    • Venture Investment
    • Open Innovation
    • Business Development
  • Yoshimasa Kato

    Business Development

    • Open Innovation
    • Strategic Alliance
    • B2C or B2B2C
    • Implementation
    • PoC
  • Masakazu Masujima

    増島 雅和 Mori Hamada & Matsumoto.,
    Partner / Attorney-at-law,
    FINOLAB, Founder & President

    • M&A and corporate governance
       consulting for financial institutions
    • Funding Support of start-ups
    • Acquisition of licensing,
    • Deregulation
    • Development of new business models
  • Takafumi Murakami

    増島 雅和 Accenture
    Managing Director, Technology
    Strategy Lead, Japan

    • IT Strategy development, Digital Transformation, and IT M&A / PMI
    • Mainly focusing on financial service industries
  • Kenichiro Omori

    大森 健一郎 Rakuten Bank, Ltd.
    Executive Officer,
    General Manager of
    Innovative Service Planning Division

    • Financial services in
       Japanese market
    • System field in the finance,
       especially settlement category
  • Adrien Pichon

    アドリアン ピション WeAre Pacific
    Development Manager

    • Business Development
    • Intercultural Management
  • Yuri Suzuki

    鈴木 由里 Senior Partner / Attorney at Law
    Innovation Practice Group
    Atsumi & Sakai

    • Financial Services Regulation,
    • Foreign Direct Investment
  • Hidenori Takada

    Project Manager, Africa Group3,
    Africa Automotive Department, Africa Division

    • Business Planning
    • New Market Research
    • Supply Chain Optimization
    • CrossCulture/Business
       Practice Management
  • Phillip Seiji Vincent

    フィリップ・誠慈・ヴィンセント Plug and Play Japan,
    Managing Partner

    • Pitch Coaching
    • Business Modeling
    • Japanese Corporate Network
       and Understanding, Strong network
       in IoT, Mobility, FinTech
       and InsurTech in Japan
    • Japan - U.S. background,