About the Special Zone Program

About the Special Zone Program

National Strategic Special Zone

The National Strategic Special Zones are designated by the national government based on the perspectives of boosting the international competitiveness of industry and promoting the creation of centers of international economic activities by giving priority to advancing structural reform of the economic system. Tokyo Metropolis, Kanagawa Prefecture, Chiba City and Narita City in Chiba Prefecture have been designated as the Tokyo Area zone by the national government.

Special Zone for Asian Headquarters

This zone received designation by the national government in 2011 as a Comprehensive Special Zone for International Competitiveness. A project to attract foreign companies is underway in six areas in central Tokyo with the aim to gather even more Asian regional headquarters and R&D centers.

Special Zone for Structural Reform

This is a program launched by the national government in 2002 to revitalize areas by leveraging natural, economic and social conditions. Seven special zones have been designated in Tokyo.