Advantages of the Special Zones

Here we introduce the various advantages available to foreign companies setting up business in Tokyo's special zones.

...Advantages provided within the Special Zone for Asian Headquarters
...Advantages provided within the Tokyo Area National Strategic Special Zone

Tax incentives AHQNSSZ


Foreign companies newly setting up business (Asian regional headquarters/R&D center) within the Special Zone for Asian Headquarters can be subject to one of the following national tax incentives if certain conditions are fulfilled: (1)special depreciation, (2)investment tax credit.

On top of this, metropolitan tax incentives can be applied such as the exemption of fixed assets tax, city planning tax and real estate acquisition tax (applied on top of (1) or (2) above).


Companies directly engaged in a designated business in the NSSZ (companies receiving designation by the Minister of State for the National Strategic Special Zones) are eligible for a taxable income deduction of 20% if they fulfill certain conditions.

When acquiring machinery within the zone, it can also be subject to either (1) or (2) below. If the company fulfills certain conditions, it can be subject to special fixed asset tax measures and special tax measures for national strategic private sector urban renewal projects.

Free consulting services AHQ

Free consulting services will be provided to foreign companies establishing an RHQ/R&D center in the Special Zone for Asian Headquarters.

  • Growth Strategy Planning Support
  • Market Research and Analysis Support
  • Business Partner Identification

Low interest loans AHQNSSZ

If a foreign company newly setting up business (Asian regional headquarters/R&D center) within the Special Zone for Asian Headquarters takes out a loan from a designated financial institution in order to implement business according to the special zone project, as the financial institution will receive a subsidy from the national government equal to a portion of the interest, the companies will actually be receiving a low-interest loan.

See the following document for details.

In addition, when companies such as startups and SMEs that fulfill the conditions prescribed in the Outline of Granting of Interest Subsidies for Loans in the National Strategic Special Zones take out loans from designated financial institutions for funds needed to implement specified businesses, the financial institutions will receive interest subsidies, which means that the companies will actually be receiving low-interest loans.

Introduction of office space at a reduced rate AHQ

Serviced offices in the special zone may be available to foreign companies and entrepreneurs intending to start up business in Tokyo or are already doing so at 10 - 20% off of the regular rental rate for up to one year. Please note that the number of designated properties is limited. This service is offered by our partner, The Executive Centre.

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