Support for GX-Related Foreign Companies

GX-related Foreign Company Tokyo Market Entry Support Program

This market entry program will provide finalist Green Transformation ("GX") related foreign companies*¹ with both subsidies and localization support in order to establish a Japanese entity within the Special Zone for Asian Headquarters*² in Tokyo.

*1 Foreign domiciled companies possessing advanced technologies in GX-related fields (Excluding corporations that engage in the Asset Management Business or Fintech Business as their principal business.)

*2 The Special Zone for Asian Headquarters is comprised of six wards within Tokyo: the Central Tokyo and Waterfront Area, the Shinagawa and Tamachi Station Area, the Shinjuku Station Area, the Shibuya Station Area, the Haneda Airport Grounds, and the Ikebukuro Station Area.

①Support Program Overview

  • Public Relations

  • Specialist Services (legal, accounting, human resources, etc.)

  • Business Matching

  • Formal Subsidy Application Backoffice Support

②Subsidy Overview

  • Year 1: A maximum of 50 million yen, up to 10/10 of subsidy eligible expenses.
  • Year 2: A maximum of 34 million yen, up to 2/3 of subsidy eligible expenses.
  • Year 3: A maximum of 25 million yen, up to 1/2 of subsidy eligible expenses.
  • Year 4: A maximum of 16 million yen, up to 1/3 of subsidy
    eligible expenses.

How to Apply

Application Period

Thursday, May 18, 2023, to Friday, July 14, 2023 at 23:59 (Japan Standard Time)



Please fill in all 3 application forms and send to


Eligibility Requirements

Foreign domiciled companies possessing advanced technologies in GX-related fields that will establish an entity within the Special Zone for Asian Headquarters during FY2023 (for details of this subsidy program please see the FY2023 Application Guidelines)


Full Program Details are Available in the Following Materials

FY2023 Application Forms

Application Forms

Please refer to the document here for an illustrative (non-exhaustive) list of GX-related technology areas.


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