Support for GX-Related Foreign Companies

GX-related Foreign Company Tokyo Market Entry Support Program

This market entry program will provide Green Transformation ("GX") related foreign companies*¹ with both subsidies and localization support in order to establish a Japanese entity within the Special Zone for Asian Headquarters*² in Tokyo.

The Special Zone for Asian Headquarters is comprised of six wards within Tokyo: the Central Tokyo and Waterfront Area, the Shinagawa and Tamachi Station Area, the Shinjuku Station Area, the Shibuya Station Area, the Haneda Airport Grounds, and the Ikebukuro Station Area.

①Support Program Overview

  • Public Relations

  • Consulting

  • Business Matching

  • Formal Subsidy Application Backoffice Support

②Subsidy Overview

  • Year 1: A maximum of 50 million yen, up to 10/10 of subsidy eligible expenses.
  • Year 2: A maximum of 34 million yen, up to 2/3 of subsidy eligible expenses.
  • Year 3: A maximum of 25 million yen, up to 1/2 of subsidy eligible expenses.
  • Year 4: A maximum of 16 million yen, up to 1/3 of subsidy
    eligible expenses.

How to Apply

Application Period

Monday, May 13, 2024, to Friday, July 12, 2024 at 23:59 (Japan Standard Time)



Please fill in all 3 application forms and send to


Eligibility Requirements

Foreign domiciled companies possessing advanced technologies in GX-related fields that will establish an entity within the Special Zone for Asian Headquarters during FY2024 (for details of this subsidy program please see the FY2024 Application Guidelines)


Full Program Details are Available in the Following Materials

FY2024 Application Forms

Application Forms

Please refer to the document here for an illustrative (non-exhaustive) list of GX-related technology areas.


e-mail :

FY 2023 Selected Companies

LAVO Hydrogen Storage Technology(Australia)

LAVO photo
  • "LAVO specialises in the development of hydrogen storage systems, harnessing unique technologies capable of storing hydrogen over extended periods with high density. Our approach facilitates transportation and storage of hydrogen with high density in a safe and small installation footprint."
  • URL:
  • We're LAVO. A technology company dedicated to enhancing accessibility, reliability, and efficiency in clean energy through innovative storage, digital technologies, and business models. Our Mission is to make clean energy more accessible for everyone today. LAVO, through our Tokyo subsidiary, will provide long-term renewable energy storage and delivery solutions utilizing our patented, safe, solid-state hydrogen technology integrated with our AI-based digital solutions.We will continue to contribute in Tokyo's transition to the green energy by addressing our Japan and Asia-pacific industry partners and customers' needs in areas such as Telecom Towers Operators, Solar & Wind farm Operators, Utility/Grid Power Companies and Commercial & Industrial Buildings Power Management Companies.  - Yoshio Kaamaru-LAVO Japan LLC Country Manager

Polycharge(United States)

PolyCharge photo
  • PolyCharge Manufactures/specializes in high-performance compact and lightweight capacitors that improve energy efficiency. It can be used in a wide range of industrial fields including applications requiring high energy capacity and high temperature resistance.
  • URL:
  • PolyCharge is excited about the burgeoning opportunities within Japan and Tokyo's dynamic markets, recognizing the region's commitment to innovation and sustainability. As we expand our presence, we are dedicated to contributing to Tokyo's green transformation. Our cutting-edge energy solutions not only align with Japan's environmental goals but also pave the way for a more sustainable, efficient future. By collaborating with local partners and stakeholders, PolyCharge aims to play a pivotal role in a vision of Tokyo city, a greener, more sustainable urban landscape, driving positive change through technology and innovation. - Steven Yializis - COO and Director of PolyCharge America | President and Chairman of PolyCharge Asia GK

Ridecell(United States)

Ridecell photo
  • Ridecell develops and provides a vehicle dispatch management system for mobility services in various fields including car sharing. This service is able to reduce CO2 emissions by spreadingcar sharing and making vehicle dispatch management more effective.
  • URL:
  • At Ridecell, we drive the digitization and intelligent automation of mobility for a sustainable, safer, and productive future. We are fortunate to count several Japanese industry stalwarts as our investors including Woven by Toyota, Denso, Mitsui Corporation, Mitsubishi Corporation, and Sony. Aligned with Tokyo Metropolitan Government's goal of halving GHG emissions by 2030(compared with 2000), our collaboration aims to create a green and efficient transportation sector. The Ridecell Cloud supports major carmakers, leasing, and rental companies in optimizing fleet utilization and adopting alternative fuel vehicles, contributing significantly to carbon reductions. We appreciate Tokyo's recognition of our efforts, and being nominated for the Tokyo GX subsidy program is an honor. Together, we forge a path towards a greener and more sustainable future. - Babak Khademi - Director, Strategic Business Development


TactoTek photo
  • TactoTek technology integrates printed electronics and electronic components within 3D injection molded plastics. It reduces the number of components, makes products lighter and thinner, and reduces CO2 emissions during manufacturing.
  • URL:
  • TactoTek smart surface technology, In-Mold Structural Electronics (IMSE®), delivers natural, intuitive user experiences that OEMs and brands use to delight their customers. IMSE solutions are produced using clean, sustainable, additive manufacturing technology. Over many years TactoTek has invested in developing relationships in the Japanese market, including valued partnerships with Marklines, Cornes, and TactoTek licensee, Kyocera, as well as many OEMs and brands in automotive, home appliance, connected home and industrial markets. To honor those relationships and build new ones to expand the reach of IMSE solutions, TactoTek is increasing its commitment to Japan, including opening a TactoTek regional headquarters in Tokyo with the support from TMG Green Finance Subsidy Program . - Jussi Harvela - CEO
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