Request to all Users of Business Development Center TOKYO(SCAM AND FRAUD ALERT)

Caution: Possible fraud by people impersonating providers of this service

According to the information we recently received, a person who called himself "a consultant of Market Entry Desk of the Tokyo Metro Government" attempted to commit a fraud by pretending to be a person in connection with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

If someone contacts you by using the name of Tokyo Metropolitan Government or Business Development Center TOKYO and you do not know them, please refrain from responding promptly and make sure to confirm the identification of such person.

If you receive any such suspicious contacts, we would appreciate it if you could inform us at:

Business Development Center Tokyo (Akasaka):
Tel: 03-3582-8353 / E-mail:

Business Development Center Tokyo (Marunouchi):
Tel: 03-6269-9981 /
             (Financial One-Stop Support Service)

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