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Invest Tokyo will provide support
for companies from all over the world
to expand their business in Tokyo.


Access to Tokyo - A2T
Access to Tokyo (A2T) provides you with Tokyo business information and TMG support information by members who are knowledgeable about your local industry and business practices. Please contact us for all your business needs related to Tokyo.

☑ Provides information on market trends in Tokyo
☑ Introduction of various types of support from the TMG to help you advance into the market
☑ Seminars/events, and announcements
☑ Provide information on differences in culture and business practices, etc.
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Business Development Center Tokyo - BDCT
With offices in Tokyo and Hong Kong, BDCT offers a comprehensive services to international companies considering entering or expanding their business in Tokyo.

☑ Business matching support
☑ Recruitment support
☑ Assistance in finding office location
☑ Support for daily life, including your family members (e.g. clinics/hospitals, schools)
☑ Provide information on grant programs
☑ Assistance in obtaining Visa
☑ Support for investment etc.
Contact Us ・Akasaka:81-(0)3-3582-8353 |
・Marunouchi:81-(0)3-6269-9981 |
・Hong Kong:+852-3160-8111 |


Tokyo One-Stop Business Establishment Center - TOSBEC
TOSBEC is a one-stop service that provides support for the procedures necessary for foreign companies and venture companies to establish a business, by staff and experts who are familiar with administrative procedures.

☑ Assistance on certification of articles of incorporation
☑ Assistance on company registration
☑ Assistance on company incorporation filings
☑ Providing information about taxes
☑ Providing information about social security
☑ Assistance on immigration control, etc.
Contact Us ・Akasaka:03-3582-4934 |
・Marunouchi:03-6259-1882 | 03-6259-1882

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