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Business Development Center TOKYO offers online consultation in addition to face-to-face consultation. All users who need to visit Business Development Center TOKYO are kindly requested to make a reservation in principal.
For online consultation and reservation, please feel free to contact us by telephone and e-mail as follows;

【Business Development Center TOKYO(Marunouchi)】
TEL: 81-(0)3-6269-9981 (Financial One-Stop Support Service)

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Financial One-Stop Support Service

Business Development Center Tokyo provides foreign financial companies* , etc. considering the establishment of business in Tokyo with free comprehensive consulting and support such as for completing administrative procedures in the joint consultation service with the Financial Services Agency.
The Financial Desk Consultant gives advice and /or introduces appropriate financial experts and other experts to the companies in need.
All consultations with the Financial Desk Consultant are free of charge.

Business Development Center Tokyo

Business Development Center Tokyo

The Financial Desk Consultant

  • The Financial Desk Consultant who had been engaged in financial business both in and outside Japan for many years supports foreign financial companies in their establishment of business in Japan.

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