CASE 07 Support for Developing Sales Channels for Household Goods in Japan


  • Developing sales channels for household goods in Japan
  • After establishment, regular visitations to receive continuous advice and give status reports


  • Setting business negotiation meetings between suppliers and retailers/mass retailers for products such as depilation sheets
  • Introduction of Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center's establishment support facilities
  • Approval of business potential by the public corporation feasibility evaluation committee beginning with the incubation occupancy

Comments from the Company

The largest obstacle when establishing the company was communication with target companies, even if we speak Japanese. There were many companies that were unsure how to deal with us because we are foreigners, even when we were speaking Japanese, which resulted in many companies shying away from us. However, thanks to the arrangements made by the consultant, we were able to have meetings with major corporations. One major factor was that thanks to the support from Business Development Center Tokyo, operated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, we were able to communicate the strengths of our products and the future potential of our business. As a result, we were able to do business with a major wholesale company with just one meeting. Following this, we have continued to do business with major companies, and public opinion of us has improved, and we have been able to steadily increase our business partners.

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