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Business-related Information

How do I find specialists to help me set up my business in Japan?

How do I find business partners in Japan?

What taxes will I have to pay when living and working in Japan?

What kinds of tax incentive are available?

Who can receive the services of the Financial One-Stop Support Service, and what services are provided?

What are the contents of the subsidy program available when establishing a new business in Tokyo?

How much does it cost to commission an agent to manage accounting and financial procedures?

What is the best way to manage accounting and financial procedures?

Is it necessary to have a seal in Japan?

How much does registration cost?

Will I have to register my company?

What types of operation are permissible for a foreign company in Japan?

Tell me the proper dress code for business in Japan.

What items are needed for business in Japan?

What are the business manners you need to know in advance?

Tell me about what to expect and the lead time for entering the Japanese market.

Is it necessary to have a business partner in Japan?

Tell me about office rentals, as well as things to know about real estate.

Should I learn Japanese?

Lifestyle Information

Tell me about Wi-Fi and Internet connections in Japan.

Tell me about means of transportation and their characteristics in Japan.

General Information

Tell me about the temperature and climate throughout the year in Tokyo.