CASE 08 Introduction of a specialist for establishment of the Tokyo business office


  • Introduction of CPA and tax accountant well-versed in international accounting, for the establishment of a Tokyo business office.


  • Introduction of a bilingual "tax and consulting" company that possesses considerable business experience with international businesses, such as in consolidated accounting.

Comments from the Company

In the establishment of the Tokyo subsidiary of our Hong Kong headquarters, we were greatly assisted by the free support to overseas businesses provided by the Business Development Center Tokyo (BDCT). Since establishing a subsidiary may require consolidated accounting and tax reports to the main office, we were looking for a professional service that would candle our establishment procedures as well as taxes and accounting. We learned about the Business Development Center Tokyo through a friend, but when we explained the situation to a consultant, they immediately introduced an appropriate specialist. The tax accounting office that BDCT introduced is bilingual, and has had much experience with international businesses in regard to consolidated accounting, so it was a great help to us.

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