CASE 10 Overall business support in market development for Czech beer in the Japanese market


  • Support to increase familiarity and raise awareness about how delicious Czech beer is.
  • Introduction to suppliers for market expansion in Japan.
  • Advice on marketing strategy that is suitable for the Japan market.


  • Business partners, matching and contracts with wholesalers, sales promotion
  • Searching for partners who will maximize the characteristics of Czech beer.
  • Market expansion to restaurants through wholesaler introductions.
  • Market expansion on U.S. bases in Japan through the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Comments from the Company

We learned about Business Development Center TOKYO through an introduction from the Czech Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Czech Embassy in Japan--and had business consultations. We requested support in marketing and promoting Czech beer primarily in the Japan market, and we were able to receive a great deal of support, not only in selecting wholesalers by region, but in valuable advice and attending meetings as well. Thanks to the strong negotiation skills of the consultants, negotiations went smoothly with vendors as well. We were able to open up the market at U.S. military supermarkets--which they say is usually difficult to do--so we are very grateful for that as well.

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