CASE 12 Supporting local business incorporation and business matchmaking for the UK's largest flight simulator company

Visit to Business Development Center TOKYO
CEO  Mr. Abdullah Arpa


This UK-based company plans to establish a company in Japan as its local agent unit. Need advice about quickly completing incorporation formalities and finding appropriate business partners in Japan.


  • Provided guidance on incorporation procedures and related requirements
  • Introduced legal offices and real estate services
  • Referred to business matchmaking events hosted by the Tokyo Metropolitan   Government for local small enterprises
  • Introduced lawyers and real estate services to help incorporation registered in 2013
  • Invited to a business matchmaking session in June 2016

Comments from the Company

I first came to Japan at the age of 18. I engaged in a number of businesses over the years prior to age 30, when I began to devote myself to building a career as an aviator, acquiring a range of pilot and flight instructor qualifications starting from Boeing 737s and 747s. Then, as a private jet pilot, I flew customers all over the world. In those days, the civil aviation sector was facing an intensifying pilot shortage. In order to improve this situation from a long-term viewpoint, I thought that it is essential to arouse young people's interest in flying. I therefore focused on flight simulator service, a pioneering business in Japan that can provide opportunities for that purpose.

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