CASE 14 Supporting the Japan Launch of an American Firm Developing Business Automation Software for the Telecom Industry (Introduction to agent for incorporation procedures, introduction to office space)

Tupl is an American startup developing software that leverages AI technology to provide efficiency improvements and automation for business operations, targeting the telecom industry. Its solutions have already been introduced at major telecom operators in the United States. To facilitate its expansion into Japan, the company received advice from the Business Development Center Tokyo (BDCT), was introduced to potential office sites, and thus established Tupl Japan G.K. in Tokyo.

Tupl Japan G.K.
Japan Country Manager Takashi Kokubo


Requests for an explanation on the procedures for incorporation in Japan, introductions to related specialists, and introductions to potential office sites.


  • Advice on the nature of incorporation in Japan
  • Introduction to an agent for business incorporation procedures
  • Introduction to office space (contract concluded)

Comments from the Company

☆ We decided to expand into Japan, sensing the great appeal of the Japanese market, where we expect there to be enormous demand for our software. We would like to provide software that automates the tasks of engineers to Japanese telecom operators.
Tupl is developing AI software that automatically provides cause analysis and resolutions for issues, primarily focused on the telecom industry. Our software has already been introduced at T-Mobile in the United States, and is contributing to both cost reductions and improved efficiency in customer care. Our software uses AI to automatically provide guidance on the problem cause and potential answers to customer complaints, simply by entering the nature of their complaint. We have received reports that our software has thus reduced the time required for analysis tasks that previously took two days to just a few hours, and allowed tasks which previously required 100 engineers to be carried out with just over ten members.
 We decided to expand into Japan based on the many telecom operators here with a large number of subscribers, which we felt must lead to a large burden of operational work. Furthermore, the human resource and other costs in Japan are much higher than those of China or India. We felt this was a good match for our company's solutions, which improve the efficiency of operational and engineering work.
☆ We primarily communicated with the BDCT through email. Particularly in regards to the procedures of incorporation, there were many things we didn't understand initially...
 Typically, when a foreign company wishes to establish a company in Japan, it must first arrange personnel who understand Japanese to serve as employees, but there are many challenges because there are few Japanese people who understand the procedures for starting a business in Japan.
 Our company also had no experience in starting a company in Japan, and we had to carry out all the procedures starting from step one. I think it would have been an impossible wall to climb if we didn't take assistance from specialists.
 To that end, we made inquiries to many organizations regarding the incorporation procedures of Japan, and through that process we were introduced to the BDCT, where we chose to receive consulting. No procedures or inspections are needed to receive support from the BDCT, and we were able to quickly receive consultations. This was extremely helpful, as we're a startup, and cannot devote many employees to the operational aspects of our company.
 Furthermore, I was in Finland up to the founding of the company, so most of our communications were carried out through e-mail, and the BDCT would provide detailed answers to the questions I sent after consulting with specialized organizations.  
☆ We received in-person consulting in Japan, and were introduced to an agent for business incorporation and potential office sites.
We were able to carry out the incorporation procedures in a smooth, reasonable manner.
 After discussing incorporation over e-mail, we finally met directly with the BDCT in Tokyo. During those consultations, we were introduced to an agent for incorporation procedures and potential office sites in the city center.
 Our company's CEO, who was involved in the incorporation, is not Japanese, and while we searched online for an agent, we could not determine if they could support us in English. Additionally, even when we found agents who could provide English support, they were rarely available at a reasonable price. The BDCT, however, was able to introduce us to a company that was both reasonable and provided English support, allowing our procedures to go very smoothly. Even now we are receiving a wide range of support from the agent, and we plan to continue doing so in the future.  
We also chose to establish our office in a location the BDCT introduced. The deciding factor was the great balance of location, facilities and cost.
<A view of the Tupl Japan office>
☆ A word of advice to those thinking of using the BDCT.
 One great aspect of the BDCT is that they carefully confirm their answers your questions. A single consultant will also serve as a central point of contact for a wide range of questions and issues (for free, even), and provide answers to everything, making working with the BDCT highly efficient.
If there is something concerning you, don't hesitate to consult with the BDCT, even if you think it's a small problem.

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