CASE 19 Provides cutting edge AI solutions to clients in various industries.
Supporting Business Matching of US Startup Expanding to Japan

Hsueh Dennis, CEO (Left)
Lin Chih-chuan, Vice President (Right)
Ingenta Inc

Ingenta Inc is an innovative startup from Silicon Valley in the United States that provides cutting edge AI solutions to clients in various industries. Ingenta team consists of professional data scientists from worldwide esteemed institutes, such as Stanford and Columbia University, and is promoting the industrial AI applications. It is a startup that is currently drawing attention. It has established a joint venture with ROHTO Pharmaceutical, providing AI technology for the "CONSTELLA" product, a personalized shampoo for individuals.

Business Concierge Tokyo / Support by Tokyo Metropolitan Government

  • Introducing business partners
  • Introducing effective exhibitions
  • Supporting recruitment

Reasons for Choosing Tokyo

Tokyo is an attractive city, as companies are concentrated. It is also a city that is willing to incorporate new technology.

For example, in the United States, it is really common to take two days for a business meeting, including air travel and lodging. A city like Tokyo where you can compactly do business is attractive on its own.

The business of Ingenta Inc can be roughly divided into AI consulting service and providing customized AI engine, which can be seamlessly used in its customers' services. The most important driving factor is that many companies incorporate AI into their businesses. Tokyo has the advantage in that regard, as it is a city that is open to new technology.

Managing data is crucial when utilizing AI. Most of the time, you must be entrusted with confidential data from your customers and manage it. A relationship built on trust is essential for this business. Although Tokyo is a large city, it is worth working here, as it is a place that values such relationships built on trust.

Business Concierge Tokyo (BDCT) / Support by Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Working with companies that have advanced technology and pioneering customers is crucial for startups like us.

BDCT has been providing business matching support for us. We also recently had the opportunity to collaborate with a cutting edge, Japanese IT company that was introduced to us. We also participate in the "Business Matching Event Between the Small and Medium Enterprises in Tokyo and Foreign Enterprises" that will be held by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in February 2020.

Up to this point, we have been focusing on business matching support since we are a startup. However, we also plan to use BDCT support as we grow and move to its engineers recruiting service.

Future Business Development

AI is increasingly becoming a part of our lives. For example, AI technology is used in smartphones as people walking around the city. However, we are only receiving the benefit of a small portion of AI technology in our daily lives. The technology has unlimited potentials.

I believe it is our mission to promote its applications in the right way as a pioneer in this field.

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