CASE 20 Leveraging digital marketing experience and success in Hong Kong
Supporting business management and visa applications for developing business in Japan

Mr. Chi Kin Chan (Right)
Kean Net, CEO
Ms. Ritsuko Inoue (Left)
Administrative Scrivener,

Mr. Chi Kin Chan had been working in the digital marketing field for over 10 years in Hong Kong.

The main business was marketing services for hotel website management companies. This service works to increase the number of customers by conducting marketing activities targeting potential hotel customers and putting out effective advertisements through websites.

The service has also been successful in digital marketing, specializing in supporting Hong Kong companies selling products and services to developing countries by using cross-border e-commerce.

Mr. Chi Kin Chan applied to acquire a residential status for "business management" to start a business called "Kean Net" in Japan, receiving the support of the administrative scrivener, Ms. Ritsuko Inoue, through Business Concierge Tokyo (BDCT).

His goal was to leverage his digital marketing experience and success in Hong Kong and help sell Japan's high quality products and services overseas, especially to developing countries where the middle class population is increasing. He plans to focus on offering marketing services of Japan's digital content, such as anime and movies that can be easily distributed on the internet.

Support by Business Concierge Tokyo (BDCT)

  • Introducing administrative scriveners to support business management visa application
  • Providing support to create business management visa application documents

Reasons for Choosing Tokyo

Tokyo is a globally renowned international city. There are also many business and legal support services available in Tokyo. When I researched about other cities in Japan, I found that I could receive broader and detailed support in Tokyo, which made me decide to start a business here.

I was impressed with how people in Tokyo were friendly and their heart of hospitality. It became my favorite city, even considering other aspects, such as public transportation and medical facilities.

Review of Using Business Concierge Tokyo (BDCT)

BDCT was the first place I visited after I came to Tokyo. I found about Invest Tokyo's program to increase foreign entrepreneurs and made an appointment to hear about it in detail. I visited the office in November 2019.

I was so grateful that my business management visa application proceeded smoothly without any problems. I could receive the benefit of the regulation mitigation from the program to increase foreign entrepreneurs the Tokyo Metropolitan Government had been promoting.

Foreigners usually must set up an office and complete the registration process of the entire company before applying for a business management visa. This requires the person to take a lot of risks and invest time and money. I could apply for a business management visa before completing all the processes of setting up his company. This is a great advantage of using BDCT.

Language is another barrier foreigners must face. It would have been impossible for me to write all the application documents in Japanese and apply for a business management visa since I do not speak Japanese. BDCT also significantly helped me in this area.

BDCT introduced to me several bilingual administrative scriveners who had expertise in business management visas. I chose Ms. Ritsuko Inoue as my administrative scrivener. I am grateful to my administrative scrivener, Ms. Ritsuko Inoue who sincerely helped me in various ways, from translation to the application process support, and even finding an office and a place to live.

I believe the application process proceeded smoothly because I could receive a wealth of advice from the BDCT business consultants, such as creating a business plan when I was submitting the application documents.

They even could predict what I would need in the future, and introduced a subsidy system that would be useful for my business.

I believe the BDCT business consultants could be so helpful because they are experts who are highly knowledgeable about various systems.

Future Business Development

Even after the company is set up and the business starts operating, I am planning to actively use BDCT's services of receiving information and support, such as business matching, various business exchange events, and other events.

BDCT is a trustworthy partner for me to develop my business in Japan from now on.

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