CASE 09 Sales channels and sales expansion, introduction of properties


  • Introduction of real estate agencies for wine bar and wine retail listings in Tokyo
  • Introduction of customs brokers, warehouses, and delivery companies with experience in handling wine


  • Introduction of real estate agencies that have prior experience in serving food-related companies
  • Introduction of warehouses and delivery companies to maritime cargo handling suppliers with experience in handling wine
  • After deciding on a store, introduction of a specialist who possesses knowledge of the wine industry

Comments from the Company

When I first visited Japan as a student when I was 20 years old, I felt that there were plenty of business opportunities. Afterwards, I briefly returned to France, but was unable to give up my dream of becoming an entrepreneur in Japan, so I returned back to Japan and began preparations for starting a business. I chose Japan because Japanese consumers place extreme importance on taste, quality, and fair prices, rather than brand names. When I was preparing to start my business in Japan, I read a blog by a British woman who manages a bakery shop and cooking school in Tokyo, and discovered that the Business Development Center Tokyo (BDCT) was supporting her startup business. That is why I approached BDCT and asked for their support. Eight months later, I was able to open a wine bar in Ginza. At the beginning, I started off both as a wine bar and in wine sales, but I was introduced to experts in the fields of wholesale and logistics to expand my business areas. Today, seeing Japanese customers enjoying the wine that I carefully selected in France makes me feel truly happy that I was able to start a business in Tokyo.

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