CASE 24 Supporting the expansion of American companies, who creates solutions that connect every important cloud services, into Japan

Business Development Consultant
Mr. Nobuo Iwamoto

Jitterbit is a startup company founded on 2003 in the State of California. Jitterbit provides cutting edge iPaaS solution which coordinate over 1000 applications. Jitterbit is expanding its business overseas by setting up data centers and new offices in Singapore and Japan.

Support by Business Concierge Tokyo (BDCT)

  • Introducing cooperative companies
  • Participation of exhibitions

Reasons for Choosing Tokyo

It was important for us to choose Tokyo to set up our office because of our specialty in cloud service, which is called IPaaS.

Cloud services are used in many ways as file sharing tools, group sharing tools for better communication inside a company, and management of clients' data. It's been important topic to consider how to coordinate multiple cloud services because of the increasing needs of cloud services in business setting.

IPaaS is the management solution we provide to connect the multiple cloud services for our clients. It is our strength to unite data and make different systems to work together.

When we tried to provide IPaaS, it was an obvious decision for us to choose Tokyo where clients and potential partners as cloud venders are.

Business Development Center Tokyo (BDCT) / Support by Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Since Jitterbit is a startup company, it is important to build connections with local system integrators and let people know about us.

Before I worked for Jitterbit, I had some experience in helping international companies to expand their business in Japan. Programs such as Business Development Center Tokyo (BDCT) offered by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) plays an important role in networking with other companies by participation of events and business matchings.

Jitterbit has been introduced to local companies through Partnership Support Program. Jitterbit is also considering to join Tokyo International Industry Exhibition run by Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs of TMG.

We joined other events recommended by BDCT and signed a partnership agreement with 3 Japanese companies. We are planning to build connections with more partner companies.

Future Business Development

Our services of coordination of data in cloud services doesn't have any needs unless there are companies using cloud services. 80% of companies in the U.S are using cloud services, but only 30 or 40% of companies use them in Japan. It means Japanese market still have potentials to grow.

Because of the spreading corona virus, people started to use online meeting tools much more than before. Cloud service is getting more important as the tide of business changes.

By coordinating growing cloud services in Japan, it is our hope to expand business and become a bridge to connect cloud businesses.

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