CASE34 Supporting the establishment of "Indonesia Manpower Solution Co. Ltd." which aims to solve labor shortage in Japan

President Director Sumarsono Sudarto
Indonesia Manpower Solution Co.Ltd.
President Director
Sumarsono Sudarto

Indonesia Manpower Solution Co. Ltd. (IMS) is founded by Sumarsono Sudarto in July 2022.
He established IMS with the help of BDCT using the Program to Increase Foreign Entrepreneurs which is also known as the Startup Visa.
It is a national and international job placement agency in Japan (currently limited from/to Indonesia).
It mainly focuses on 6 types of industry such as Medical Service, Information System and Technology, Heavy Equipment, Manufacturing, Hotel and Restaurant, and Care Giving Service.

Mr. Sudarto earned Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) certification in 2008, a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Indonesia in 2009 and 2011 respectively. And he awarded with a Doctor of Engineering degree in 2016 from the Department of System Cybernetics of Hiroshima University, Japan. His doctoral study was fully funded by the Hitachi Global Foundation.
When he joined the Jakarta Japan Club (JJC) event in 2019, he discussed Japan's labor shortage with a businessman from Hiroshima. Since he had a deep knowledge and practical experience in human resources development and supply with an international network, he thought he would be able to tackle that issue. And this leads to the establishment of IMS.

Support by Business Development Center TOKYO (BDCT)

  • Share information and advice on the way to set up a business in Japan
  • Support Application for the Program to Increase Foreign Entrepreneurs
    (Click here for details: Program to increase foreign entrepreneurs)

Reason for choosing to establish the company in Tokyo

Since Tokyo is the center of Japan's economy and international personnel exchange, it's regarded as an important place for manpower supply from overseas.

Also two of my mentors in Japan gave me advice to do so. The First one is from my sensei, a professor at Hiroshima University. The second one is from my "oyasan," a flat owner, in Hiroshima. I had a good relationship with him. He was also an entrepreneur and said like, "if you succeed in Tokyo, it's easier for you to expand your business to the other part of Japan. If you succeed in Japan, you can also expand your business in other countries that need manpower like Korea, UAE, etc.

User feedback on BDCT services

Actually I first contacted my professor at Hiroshima University when I decided to start a business in Japan.

He asked Hiroshima City how a foreigner could open a business in Japan, and then they recommended us BDCT.

As soon as I contacted BDCT, they responded very fast. When I asked precise questions, they were very patient and gave me precise, detailed answers. I used both BDCT and TOSBEC, and both were very useful. Basically TOSBEC supports you regarding procedures of the company establishment and BDCT provides consulting before and after the establishment, and what is attractive here is that all the services are provided for free! I was also very happy because they offered all the services in English.

To those who are considering using BDCT, the message is simple. It's very useful and informative.

Just contact and they will provide you the steps one by one.

Outlook for future business development

Beginning from zero, IMS has gradually got clients. Since we have received a good response from Indonesia, we want to improve our business and increase the number of our clients one by one. We also want to expand our business, thinking of starting business consulting services. We hope that we can offer a one stop solution.

Also, if there are any Japanese companies that wish to expand their business in Indonesia, we will be happy to help them.

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