Startup Promotion Initiative for Foreigners: Q&A

Overview of the Program to Increase Foreign Entrepreneurs

What are the benefits of the program? Also, how does it differ from regular residence status granted by the Immigration Bureau?

If I receive the "Certificate of Confirmation of Business Startup Activities" from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, am I guaranteed to obtain the "Business Manager" status of residence?

Application requirements

Is it possible for me to apply if a company owns 100% of the capital?

I will establish the business jointly with another person(s). How should we apply?

I will jointly establish the business, however only I will be involved in management, and the other(s) will be employee(s) of the business. How should we apply?

Those who can apply

Who can utilize the program?

I am currently living overseas. But, I am thinking of going to Japan in the future. Am I eligible to apply?

I plan to live in Tokyo and establish a business outside of Tokyo. Can I use this program?

I do not intend to establish a business myself (will not be involved in the business), but my family (a relative) plans to establish a business in Tokyo. Can I also apply for this program?

I plan to take over the operations of an acquaintance's company. Can I use this program?

I am planning to run a franchise, can I apply?

Application documents

Where can I obtain an application form? Also, where should I submit the form?

I am not sure how to fill out the forms. Where can I go for more information?

There is not enough space on the forms provided to write my information. What should I do?

Can I complete the forms in my own language? If my supporting documentation (original) is not in Japanese, is it necessary to attach a Japanese translation?

The overall plan for my business is not concrete yet. Can I leave sections that I am unable to answer blank?

I am currently staying in a hotel on a short-term basis. What should I write as my address on the application?

What aspects of startup activities will you check? Are there cases where confirmation of business startup activities is not granted?

What kinds of things should I write for "1. Outline of the applicant, (2) The applicant's position and role in the business"?

I cannot think of anything to write for "1. Outline of the applicant, (3) Qualifications, work experience, special skills, patents owned, etc., that serve as background to your founding of the business." What sort of things should I write? Can I leave it blank?

Regarding "1. Outline of the applicant, (5) Scheduled opening of business (b) Industry," I plan to start my business without creating a company. What should I write for "Date of opening of a business" and "Capital Stock (or Personal Funds)?"

Because I have only just arrived in Japan, I have no idea about the specific contents or figures for the breakdown of customers, unit sales price, costs and so on required in "2. Business Overview." What should I do?

Regarding "2. Business Overview, (5) Reason why the business can generate profits," I do not plan to conduct business for profits, therefore I do not know how to answer this. What should I do?

Item "3. Schedule for Startup Activities" is vague, and I do not know what I should write. What are the points that I should keep in mind when writing this?

I plan to start business immediately. In that case, is it still necessary for me to write a six-month plan in item "3. Schedule for Startup Activities"?

I am not sure how much sales or expenses to expect. How should I fill in "4. Income Plan?" Also, what items should I include in the breakdown of sales and expenses?

How should I fill in "5. Financial Plan?" How does this differ from "4. Income Plan?"

I intend to work in Japan for the six-month period approved under this system to save sufficient funds to start the business. In this case, am I still required to describe the method by which I will procure funds?

I have never used a seal before. I think it will take some time to make my name seal in Japan. Is it absolutely necessary to use a seal on my documents?

How far back should I provide details in the "Resume"? What should I do if I have so much (academic and work) information to write that there is not enough space?

What specifically is meant by "Document that can clarify where the applicant will be residing for six months after coming to Japan?"

I am planning to stay at an acquaintance's house after I land in Japan, what documents do I need?

Is it acceptable to submit a bank balance certificate of an investor or related parties instead of the applicant's own?

What specifically are referred to by "Other supporting documents?"

When applying by proxy, what should I include in the power of attorney?

Issuance of the Certificate of Confirmation of Business Startup Activities

Does the "Certificate of Confirmation of Business Startup Activities" have an expiry date?

How long will it take to receive the results after I apply?

How will you contact me with the outcome? Where can I receive the "Certificate of Confirmation of Business Startup Activities?" Also, if I am not granted "Confirmation of Business Startup Activities," will you tell me the reason why?

Change of status of residence from "Student."

If my status of residence is "Student," can I apply at any timing while studying?

Where can I apply for a change of status of residence after receiving the confirmation certificate from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government?

Can I continue to attend school after changing my status of residence from "Student" to "Business Manager?"

Other matters

Is it permissible to entrust application procedures to an agent?

I heard that, under this system, progress will be confirmed after receiving the six-month status of residence. What do I specifically have to do?

What procedures do I need to take at the end of my six-month period of stay?

After submitting my application, details such as my address (or contact information) or business details have changed. What should I do?